150cc Motorcycle Selection Pointers for Beginners

When looking for the ideal blend of power and speed, motorcyclists frequently choose a motorcycle 150cc. The horsepower offered by the bikes in this category typically ranges from 5-8, which is just enough to propel you up hills or out of tight spots but not too much to make it difficult to control your bike. These bikes are lighter and more fuel-efficient than larger motorcycles since the engine size has a restriction of less than 149 cubic centimeters. Depending on the engine capacity, a typical 150cc motorcycle for beginners features an automated or semi-automatic transmission with up to four gears. Additionally, it incorporates hand lever-operated front and rear brakes.

Selection Considerations

Choosing the best 150cc motorcycle for beginners might be difficult, especially for new riders. That is due to the wide variety of models available on the market. You must follow a few guidelines to ensure you receive the ideal fit based on your demands.

Engine type

The engine type will determine the power and speed of the motorcycle. It will also impact how much fuel it uses and how much upkeep it requires. Two-stroke and four-stroke engines are the most prevalent varieties. Although the former is less expensive, it makes more noise and emits more pollution.


Miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph) is a measure of the speed of a motorcycle. The quicker you go, the harder it will be to steer and avoid things. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is crucial to start with a slower bike. Thinking about how you use the motorcycle while evaluating its speed is critical. Consider purchasing a motorbike with a faster rate if you intend to ride it on the highway.

Riding style

Consider the riding you intend to perform and whether or not the various motorbike models on the market are appropriate for that type of riding. It would be preferable for you to purchase a cruiser-style motorcycle with plenty of power and supportive seating if you merely intend to cruise around town. A dual sport or adventure bike is excellent for you if you want to undertake more off-roading and riding on dirt roads because these bikes have better tires and more suspension than other motorbike categories like cruisers or touring bikes.


Understanding what you can spend and whether a 150cc motorcycle even fits your budget is critical. The bike price varies according to the sort of bike you choose and its characteristics.

Riding experience

150cc motorcycles are not all the same. It is preferable to purchase a bike with more power and torque if you are a beginner. You will learn to ride more quickly with a motorcycle with such qualities.


Your height, weight, and riding style will determine the size of the motorcycle you purchase. You should buy a motorbike with a seat that is higher than 8 inches if you are taller. You will be able to get to the ground more quickly if you do this. To drive their motorcycle more simply and with better grip, taller persons should opt for motorcycles with wider handlebars. Buying a motorbike with lower handlebars would make reaching them easier and controlling the bike while riding if you are shorter or have a more petite frame.


A 150cc motorcycle for beginners purchase is a significant choice. In addition to the recommendations above, it’s important to remember that construction quality is crucial. It decides the motorcycle’s lifespan and the level of performance it will offer.



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