Things to Think About Before Purchasing an Electric Skateboard?

WowGo is a relatively new brand in the esk8 industry. Due to the electric skateboards’ excellent performance, high quality, and affordability, the company swiftly established a solid reputation among its large, largely satisfied customer base. Their line of electric street skateboards is well regarded; the WowGo 3 and Wowgo 3X in particular are highly regarded, and the AT2 was eagerly awaited.

One of the better “budget” electric skateboard companies is Wowgo, a Chinese firm. To read more about the WowGo Electric Skateboard. However, with the AT2 pushing above the US$1000 barrier and rival boards costing twice as much, the term “budget” isn’t really appropriate anymore.

Can an Electric Skateboard Be Waterproofed?

An electric skateboard can be made somewhat waterproof, depending on the type and the amount of modification you’re prepared to make. Since electric skateboards do not have completely waterproof construction, submerging them in water might corrode their delicate electronic parts and violate their warranties.

That being said, you may increase your electric skateboard’s water resistance by making a few adjustments and safety measures. Remember that certain electric skateboard models come with built-in water resistance or waterproofing, so you might not have to alter your board and risk having your warranty voided.

Electric Skateboard

“It’s crucial to take into account every feature that electric skateboards offer, based on your intended usage and enjoyment of the device,” advised Jarvis. Here are some important things to think about:


The range, or the distance you can travel on a single charge, is one of the most important aspects to consider while shopping. This is the most important thing for commuters to prioritize. You can travel further between recharges with a greater range, which makes it possible for you to travel effectively to and from work or other locations (and avoid being stuck on the side of the road). For the adventure-seeking rider, however, a long range is also essential so that you may travel farther and explore new routes without running out of charge.

Top Speed

The highest speeds of electric skateboards vary, and some have several settings to suit different riders. To Jarvis, the most crucial aspect of buying is being able to choose your own pace: “You may modify it to fit your ability level and keep modifying it as you improve and gain more self-assurance, a skateboard with customizable speed settings might be especially useful for beginners to gain control and balance.

Board Size and Weight

The portability and mobility of the electric skateboard are mostly determined by its size and weight. Take into account the board’s size and weight, particularly if you want to take it on public transportation or store it at your house or place of employment (especially if you frequently climb stairs you won’t want to be hauling thirty pounds up and down every time.) For simple storage and transit, solutions that are lightweight and compact like the WowGo2 Mini and Evolve Stoke Board are great. But, mobility might not matter to you if you plan to simply use your board for local riding and garage storage.

App Connectivity

An app for your electric skateboard might not be the first thing on your mind if all you’re trying to do is get from point A to point B after all, that’s what the remote control is for, right? However, an app is a game-changer as soon as you need additional control over your board or insightful information. Consider the Exway mobile app.

You can adjust the acceleration and braking to suit your needs (i.e., accelerate quickly or smoothly), monitor the battery level, and hone your skills with basic advice. Interesting statistics like your overall mileage and emissions reduction are also displayed.

Brakes and Safety Features

When selecting an electric skateboard, safety should always come first, as we previously discussed. Reliable braking on a skateboard can reduce the risk of accidents and improve your riding experience in general. Therefore, evaluate the braking system’s performance. Reviews might offer useful information in this regard, but if you’re looking at the list above, you can be confident that we only list products with excellent breaks.


WowGo electric skateboards are an appealing option in the quickly changing field of electric personal mobility. WowGo blends innovation and versatility with strong hub motors, a wide choice of models to suit different demands, flexible decks for increased comfort, and adjustable riding modes. The brand guarantees a dependable and long-lasting riding experience with its dedication to sturdy construction.



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